Making Human Language Viable for Data Science


Accomplish more with Synthesys Cloud

Synthesys Cloud gives you the ability to quickly analyze human language data and transform it into vital knowledge from the convenience of the cloud. Synthesys Cloud is an easy and cost-effective way to unleash the power of our groundbreaking Synthesys platform on your data.

With just a few clicks, you'll be able to launch a cluster running Synthesys, upload your data (or use some provided sample data), analyze it, and begin exploring the results to find the value locked inside your data. To get started unlocking the hidden value in your data with Synthesys Cloud, follow the four simple steps outlined below.

Launch a cluster in just a few clicks

Rather than spending time on IT tasks such as installing and configuring various hardware and software components, you can launch a Synthesys cluster with just a few clicks allowing you to focus on uploading, analyzing and exploring data.

First, visit the AWS Marketplace listing for Synthesys Cloud to review product details, and accept the license terms.  Once you’ve accepted the license terms, you can select a cluster configuration and then launch a cluster. It's that simple.


It's OK. We know data comes in many shapes and sizes.

Once your cluster is up and running you have several options for uploading data.

You can upload personal data in one of many formats (e.g. Email, Word, PDF, TXT files), set up a search engine Query, import an RSS feed or utilize one or more of the pre-loaded wiki sample data sets.

Turn big data into big understanding.

After your data is uploaded, you are ready to have Synthesys analyze it.

During this cognitive process Synthesys is reading all of your data and turning it into a private knowledge graph (or a knowledgebase) that you will be able to query for things like facts, associations, and entities extracted from your data.


Big data has never looked so good.

When the analysis is complete, you are ready to explore your data with Digital Reasoning’s new user-friendly interface, Synthesys Glance.

Glance allows you to uncover relationships and patterns among people, organizations and additional entities that were previously hidden within your data.